John Roth aka "DJ Libertad" has a profound passion for music. More than 20 years experience as a professional mobile dj have helped John refine his dj skills. John performs at a wide variety of events from high school dances, corporate and community parties, bar mitzvahs to weddings. He performs with an open format style to play a very diverse range of music genres while specializing in creatively mixing hip hop, Latin beats, and your favorite hits from yesterday and today. 

As a senior in high school at the age of 18, he traveled to Panama as an exchange student. He lived for 9 months with a Spanish-speaking host family, and became completely immersed within the Latin culture and developed a passion for life, traveling, and music.

John attended Oregon State University where in the honors college he pursued a BS degree in Public Health and BA degree in International Studies with a minor in Spanish. He spent a cumulative 3 years traveling throughout Central America as volunteer Spanish medical interpreter and working on various humanitarian projects. John's experiences influenced him to develop a passion for medicine and helping people.  Upon his arrival back to the USA he pursued a career in medicine and attended Oregon Health & Science University's Physician Assistant program. He has been practicing as a Pediatric Physician Assistant (PA-C) since 2008. John loves working with children and families. He enjoys outdoor activities, travel, and sharing music with his wife and daughter. He encourages everyone to follow their dreams to "be the change you wish to see in the world."

Libertad means freedom in Spanish which is exactly what music symbolizes for John. Across the world and throughout time music plays an essential role in the human experience by liberating creativity and passion for life. DJ Libertad enjoys sharing his passion for music through the skilled art of DJing.